S4 Potential, Almonte, Ontario



This 3200sf ‘dual frontage’ development in the downtown core of Almonte involved the reconfiguring of both the upper levels of an existing c1900 commercial building. The combination of retail and ‘high tech’ office space includes a restored heritage front façade, interior mezzanine and modern overhanging rear annex. The building was further upgraded with significant structural reinforcing, new mechanical, electrical and computer networking infrastructure. The overhanging second level boardroom is sculpted in a very contemporary style to architecturally express the company’s corporate image and is slightly angled to address the orientation of the ‘back’ street. A full height corner window provides a dramatic view down Almonte’s main street while two interior glazed boardroom walls provide views of visitors arriving from the lower entry as well as an artistic display of historic photos in etched glass.

There exists an overwhelming stock of similar (once unutilized and architecturally faceless) “back ends” in just about every community. Realizing the exciting potential to complement and rediscover our built past inherent in these structures remains a source of tremendous satisfaction.


S4 Potential Gallery

122 Bridge St. Almonte, ON, K0A 1A0 613 715 0431 pmansfield@bellnet.ca